Artworks are highly valuable collections and it will be dangerous to ship them without taking necessary precautions. When moving art collections, you need to be meticulous to avoid problems during transportation and packaging.

Moreover, using the right shipping service which is experienced and can deliver your artwork around the world will make your transportation easy. Here are some healthy tips on how you can ship your art without problems.

Preparing your art to be shipped

When shipping artwork across the globe, safety should be the first thing in your mind. Here are the steps to take for adequate safety:

Get the best materials

You need to invest in the right packaging equipment to avoid a disaster. Artworks such as ceramics and paints can be covered in cellophane wrap and acid-free toys to prevent exposure to moisture. Alternatively, you could get bubble wrap and cardboard to guard it against physical damage.

Dust it carefully

Before wrapping a painting or other artwork, ensure to dust them off. Get a clean fabric to remove the stains and any dents that might be on it. However, be gentle when cleaning the canvas because too much force on it can be dangerous.

Use Gloves

For those who are shipping unframed canvas, you must wear gloves when carrying them. Also, get some acid-free paper to cover all exposed corners so that it can properly be adorned.

Tricks for a safe art transport

When transporting the artwork, you should ensure it isn’t exposed to damage. Here are some tricks to ensure your art reaches its destination in good condition:

Wrap the art

Either framed or unframed, carefully wrap your artwork using an ideal protective material. These materials should be durable and prevent them from causing moisture and physical damage.

Put in a box

You can also buy cardboard which is designed to secure your artwork during transport. There are many affordable ones that your paintings can slot into properly. Ensure you leave about 2 cm around the paint for additional packaging. Try to measure your artwork to buy the right size cardboard box.

Use a crate

If you are shipping many artworks, getting a crate might be a good idea. When you buy the crate, ensure each artwork is separated with sheets to prevent them from rubbing together during transport. The right position of paintings is front to back to prevent them from being damaged.

Transport position

Make sure the box that the artwork is being shipped stands upright. Also, ensure your box is properly labeled and marked as fragile. Don’t allow anything to be placed on top of the box as it might put pressure on the artwork.


If you are shipping a very valuable and expensive piece of art, you should ensure that they are properly insured. This is to guard against damage or during transit. The amount of dividends you will pay depends on the present value of the artwork.

When shipping art across the world, choose experience logistics firms such as Covelio. They have been in the shipping business for years and can get your art to their clients. They can package your paintings professionally and ensure they are protected during transit.



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