in the recent times terrorism has taken a toll to the world and in turn has been in a rise. People have taking responsibility to themselves by employing the best body gets to keep them safe. An ips officer bodyguard is what you need to look for to get the best protection.


identifying a good bodyguard


it doesn’t have to be a kung fu movie or one of the martial arts movies that you see for someone to make a good bodyguard. Although as a matter of fact some of the things that you see are essential for this job to be perfect. Here is what you need to look for when you want to choose the best bodyguard


1.level of alertness


it takes only a second for tragedy to occur. At any minute anything can happen and you need someone by your side who is always vigilant to all the things that happen around you. A good bodyguard can make it easier to protect a client by the high level of sensitivity they have of the environment. This is a good complement for someone in need of a bodyguard job.


2. Body fitness


as we have discussed earlier martial arts is not necessarily paramount for someone who is looking for bodyguard job although general body fitness is always key to this kind of job you need a bodyguard who is ready at all times and flexible to protect you in case of danger. If you are interested in this kind of job then you need more of general body fitness.


3. Responsible use of firearms


with this kind of job description, you need someone who is well aware of how to use a firearm, perhaps in terms of danger these firearms should not go off all the time to avoid casualties. A responsible bodyguard will make sure only use a firearm when it is necessary. This will be a savior to you as a client to avoid a lot of law suits.


4. Well-dressed


remember there is no job category that doesn’t need a good dressing code. Furthermore when it comes to these kind of job description you need dress appropriately and flexibly so as to perform your tasks. It can be a career Savior and addition to your job CV if you’re prone to good dressing code.




it is easy to become a bodyguard if you take these kind of articles seriously. Perhaps it can be a carrier Savior to help you build your CV. For more of this kind of writings based on lifestyle and fitness you can visit



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