The world is changing every day. In this new era, people are encouraged to be comfortable with their sexuality. Many countries have accepted the LGBTQ community, and their rights are upheld. With these significant changes come many online dating platforms, but only a few accommodate the LGBTQ community fully. One of the best platforms that are good for transgender people and others in the community is TSdates. If you want to know how TSdates dates is works, you are in the right place. This is a good review of TSdates, and it shows why the LGBTQ community members in need of hook-ups or dates should consider the site.

What is TSdates?

TSdates is a worldwide online dating platform that facilitates the meeting of people who are transexual or transgender. The site boasts a huge following that involves all the groups of the LGBTQ community. It has streamlined the dating and meeting of transgender people, which was very difficult to do in the past times with many dating sites concentrating more on straight people dating. One of the top features of Tsdates is that it utilizes your location and matches you with transgender people near your geographical location.

What is Great About TSdates

TSdates provides several great features that one can access even without paying for the premium features, but for you to enjoy more, a paid plan is advisable as it gives you broader possibilities. The process of opening or registering a profile on TSdates is straightforward and does not take that much time since they are not that strict on the requirements. The most important thing when registering is confirming your email, and you are ready to go. Other good features one gets to enjoy as a paying member are:

  • High priority in searches. Since TSdates is a worldwide platform with numerous members, it can be hard to get noticed. However, with a paid plan, you get priority in searches, plus the email and user name will grab people’s attention because they are highlighted in colours to grab other members’ attention. Also, you get to have access to more precise search criteria’s that make your work easier when searching
  • Access to private chatrooms. With a private chatroom, you get to host your own private chat party with people all around the world. To make things even more private, there is an option to secure the entrance using a password. For a private chatroom, you get to invite whoever you want; thus giving you control over everything
  • Access to streaming videos. You get access to videos of members who are streaming live, which is a good way to entertain yourself on the site

The features that make TSdates a good consideration for the LGBTQ community are numerous. First, it does not allow any discrimination against the various groups in the LGBTQ community makes it the best for all.

With very few online dating sites providing services for the LGBTQ community, I can say TSdates is the best and most accommodating of them all.



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